When I first started out there wasn’t a lot of options when it came to social media so it wasn’t overly difficult. Now, there are tons of options. Let’s go over what I like the call “The Big Five”. These are by no means the only or even the best options for you. Only you can figure that out, but you can do it.

          The GIANT! It doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re trying to reach, or how many people you have, you need Facebook. They’ve done a good job ingraining themselves in our culture. Even if you’re shooting for young adults and students that aren’t usually on Facebook, you still need to be on it.

           This is a general platform. If your demographic is not on it, they will be. Facebook is constantly revamping, upgrading, and coming out with new technologies. While it may not be around forever there’s still a lot of life left here.

          Facebook is mostly about keeping up with people. It’s about conversations. Talk to people on it. Start a dialogue. Keep your people updated. Run ads as often as possible. Build relationships with people. Being real with people will grow your brand and solidify your place in your community.

            Giant number 2! Facebook knew it. Then they bought it. If you are looking to reach people from 13 years old to 65 years old then this is for you! I’ve noticed an odd trend in Instagram on church profiles lately. In the ages of 50-64 there is a sharp drop off in engagement but when you hit 65+ in increases greatly to the level where 35-44 year old are.

            Instagram is all about the inspiration. Use great images, some awesome quotes, and incredible videos. Do the best you can and put your best stuff up here. If you inspire people you will win people.

            Don’t try to be the coolest person out there. Just be yourself. Find things that inspire you and make them work for you. Have fun with it. Let your creative flag fly. And, as with Facebook, engage with your audience. Like their content and comment on it. Be genuine. Find what inspires you and let them know it.

            Ah, Twitter. An oldy but a goody. It’s been around nearly as long as Facebook. Twitter used to be text based for quotes and life updates. It’s still largely used for that. People love those quick snapshots of what’s going on in your life or the life of your ministry.

            Though, in the past, it’s mainly been text based images and videos have creeped in and are here to stay. Another massive thing that Twitter gave the social media world is hashtags. The introduction of the hashtag changed the landscape of social media and what you can do on it.

            With Twitter you can reach a wide variety of people. As with the previous two, start conversations. Retweet good stuff. Give people a sense of who you are in 160 characters or less.

            Isn’t Snapchat dead? Well, it’s true that Kylie Jenner nearly killed it with one social post (the power of social media ladies and gentlemen), but it is far from dead. Some believe that this platform is slowly being phased out by Instagram and Facebook stories. While that can definitely hurt in some ways it’s definitely not killing Snapchat.

            Snapchat is great for connections. You can connect in incredible ways through this medium. Build your following from the outside and use the tools in creative ways to show people who you are creatively.

            Don’t be afraid to give some honest behind the scenes looks. Have fun and doodle on some pics. Make it exciting and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. After all, that content disappears quicker than you put it on there, and that’s the beauty of it.

            Ever had a Pintrest fail? I have. It’s kind of demoralizing to try and make that cookie cup and it’s more like a burnt cookie blobby thing. Did you know that Pintrest is much more than just diy crafts and cooking experiments? While there are most definitely diy things you can create as a ministry this is also a great resource tool.

            Get on Pintrest and give your people tangible things they can use to better their lives. Find creative ways to use specific ministries in your church to connect with certain groups of people.  Create things for families, show behind the scenes projects, or give unusual insights from ministries that don’t normally have an outside voice.

            Pintrest also has some exceptionally creative ways of building and running ads. I believe this is definitely an underrated and underutilized platform for churches. Don’t discount it. Pintrest is powerful.

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