Beyond the Four Walls

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Something that’s been on my mind lately is the same that’s been on everyone’s; COVID-19. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about the benefits to the Church and how so many of us are missing them. I know it sounds strange, terrible even, to be talking about the benefits of a tragic pandemic.

Before I go any further, let me give you this disclaimer:

I’m absolutely not advocating profiting from people’s suffering or using a terrible situation for gain. What I am saying is that we should use this time to help others, expand God’s kingdom, and be the hands and feet of Jesus more than ever.

To Gather or Not to Gather

I’ve been hearing from pastors that God is using this situation to push the church outside of the four walls of the church. I believe that it one hundred percent true. So then, why is the church, as a whole, fighting so hard to get back into the four walls? This may sound extreme, and it is a generalization, but it seems that we say it’s time to move beyond the four walls, yet we are consumed with getting back as soon as possible.

We should use this time to help others, expand God’s kingdom, and be the hands and feet of Jesus more than ever.

Ok, enough with the pseudo rant. I’m not trying to bash churchgoers for wanting to be back in the building. In fact, I fully believe that gathering together corporately is essential. What I do want to ask is this; what will we do now that we’re free from the confines of a building?

During the times of the early church there was a Roman emperor that began to relentlessly persecute and torture Christians. In fact, that’s where the term “Christian” came from. It was meant as an insult. That persecution caused those Christians to spread across the land and, by extension, the Gospel spread as well. 

Did God cause that terrible thing? No. Was He happy about it? I suspect not.Did he take what was meant for evil and turn it for good? Absolutely. 

Right now, we are at another such turning point for the Church. God wants us to take this terrible moment in history and use it for His glory. What will we do in this moment that changes history? Will we fight to go back to the way things were? 

Think about this: If this had happened just 20 years ago it would have been devastating for the church. An online presence wouldn’t have been realistic for most churches. All over the world churches would have closed their doors forever. Imagine the difference in the world today. 

What if God held it back until He knew we had the best opportunity to turn it around? Believing that God preordained this moment in history, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to fight to stay the same? Or, are you going to fight to move the Kingdom forward no matter the cost?  

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