I’m Feeling Trendy

I’m Feeling Trendy 6 min read SHAWN REECE Sociable Marketer ALL POSTS So what is a trend? Seems like a simple thing to answer, but let’s look at it anyway. A trend, simply put, is a movement. It is literally defined as, “A general direction in which something is developing Read more…

I Hate Marketing

I Hate Marketing!

I know a lot of pastors and church leaders that hate marketing. I was once one of them. For some it’s the idea of marketing. It seems wrong to spend money on getting noticed when there is so much need in the world. For others it just seems daunting. It seem like you need years of training to do it right. I’m sure there are other oppositions to marketing out there.


Social Rundown

When I first started out there wasn’t a lot of options when it came to social media so it wasn’t overly difficult. Now, there are tons of options. Let’s go over what I like the call “The Big Five”. These are by no means the only or even the best options for you. Only you can figure that out, but you can do it.